Our Value

Treat your vehicles with care and respect

Ensure your vehicle is inspected by a trained and qualified member of our staff. Examine the vehicle with you and give an honest appraisal of the work, and all the findings will be documented. We make recommendations based on our inspections, knowledge, experience and your usage factors, but always with what is best for you in mind. A quotation including all associated charges will be issued before any work commences and we make sure to inform you immediately of any complications or delays. Our qualified and trained staff members ensure that all work is quality checked prior to leaving the location. Where possible, we show you all the work that has been carried out and retain all parts removed for your inspection.

Oil Serivce

Frequent oil changes with the right oil is the life line of any motor. At AutoJak we give our clients a stress free experience with a convenient service that not only comes to wherever you are but also recommends the correct and best type of oil for your vehicle’s engine.

Tire Serivce

Checking your tires on a frequent basis is very essential. We make sure that your rubber is in its most pristine condition by checking your tires. When and if they need a change, you can rely on AutoJak to recommend and fit the best brands in the market suitable for your car. Complementarily to our mobile tire fitting service, we also help you when you are stranded on the side of the road with our emergency roadside assistance vehicles.

Battery Serivce

Your battery has a vital role in igniting your engine. Therefore, we always make sure that it is in its best operating form. If your battery requires a change, you can rely on AutoJak to fit you with a new one or give you a jumpstart.


Fuel Serivce

Keeping a full tank keeps your car healthy. For when you forget to gas up, AutoJak will always be there to help with its emergency gas filling service for both 91 and 95 octane.

AutoJak offers preventative maintenance services